Content Development for David S. Walker, National Director for CUFI On Campus

CUFI On Campus is dedicated to providing Christian student leaders with the skills, resources, relationships, and biblical teachings they need in order to speak up on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people at this crucial time. Since 2007, the organization’s national initiative has remained committed to inspiring Christian student leaders to advocate for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem on college campuses across America.

After 6 years of serving as a student leader and later, becoming the National Director of CUFI On Campus, David S. Walker requested services from T.Marie Media Group. We were responsible for helping with messaging and positioning for Mr. Walker announcing his career transition from his national position.

T.Marie Media Group advised Mr. Walker to create a video announcement, as well as creative direction for the video shoot. We also created the content for the announcement.

Results: The video was distributed on social media platforms. Since it’s release, it has received 5.2K views and 57 shares on Facebook.